NX Testers

Dynalab NX Testers offer state of the art wire harness testing. NX Testers are fast, accurate and easy to use. Dynalab designed NX Testers with flexibility and adaptability in mind to meet a wide range of wire harness testing needs..

Dynalab NX Solo

NX Solo

256 Test Points Max.

Dynalab NX Pro

NX Pro

512 Test Points Max.

NXPro Dynalab

NX Pro+

32,768 Test Points Max.

NX Hipot Testers

NX Hipot Testers provide all the features of the NX Testers, plus the additional capability of high voltage testing for insulation resistance and dielectric withstand.

NX Hipot Front

NX Hipot

1500VDC / 1000VAC
128 Test Points Max.

NX Hipot and NX Hipot Tester

NX Hipot+

1500VDC / 1000VAC
2,048 Test Points Max.

HV System

6000VDC / 5000VAC