LED Guided Solutions

Dynalab LED Guided Test Point Boards support guided assembly applications that require illuminating led’s in fixture block cavities and storage bin locations. These special test point boards can also be used in conjunction with fixture boards that are dedicated to detecting mechanical features such as clips and grommets.  Due to the unique LED Guided application requirements, please contact Dynalab for more information.

There are three unique applications for the Dynalab LED Guided Test Point Boards:

LED Solutions Connector Pinnings

Connector Pinning

Fixture Blocks that have LED’s actually located in the cavities to guide the operator where to insert the wire.

LED Solutions Connector Pinnings and Continuity

Connector Pinning with Continuity

Electrical Fixture Blocks that have LED’s outside the connector opening to guide the operator where to insert the wire. Then the wire continuity is validated after assembly.

LED Solutions Detection Switches

Detection Switches

Fixture Blocks that verify the presence of a mechanical item and include an indicator LED

LED Test Point Boards

In order to take advantage of the LED Guided function, a NX Tester needs to be equipped with LED Test Point Boards. LED Guided Test Point Boards and Standard Test Point Boards cannot be installed in a NX Tester at the same time.

A new NX Tester can be purchased with the LED Test Point Boards installed. Specify a “-L” suffix when ordering. Example: 1-256-0-L (64 test point configuration not available)

The LED Test Point Board can be purchased separately and installed in any existing NX Tester.

5-4009……..LED Test Point Board (128 Test Points)

LED Test Point Boards

5-8825……..Red LED with 6″ (15 cm) leads
5-8967……..Power Supply, 5VDC, 3A