Calibration Verification Device

  • Supports quality assurance programs
  • NIST traceable
  • Easy-to-use

The Calibration Verification Device is used to verify that the NX Tester is properly calibrated and to support quality assurance programs that require equipment be validated using NIST-traceable measurement devices.

The results of the calibration verification will be summarized on the NX Tester’s display – including the date, serial number of the Calibration Verification Device, and whether it passed or failed. A calibration report file can be written to the memory card and then transferred to a computer, where it can be viewed with a web browser.

All NX Testers are calibrated prior to shipment and it is recommended to perform a calibration verification annually.

5-1040……….Calibration Verification Device (NX Tester)
5-1041……….Calibration Verification Device (NX Hipot Tester)