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Label Printers

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Label Printers

label printing
  • Prints label only upon successful test
  • Eliminates need for pre-printed labels
  • Supports printing barcodes and logos
  • Easy to load ribbon and labels
  • 4″ wide label size

Label Printers used in conjunction with NX Testers enhance a company’s quality control system by providing proof that a harness was successfully tested. It also eliminates the burden of pre-printing labels and then attempting to apply the correct label on a harness. The printer connects to any available NX Tester serial port.

Label Printer

5-1190………..Label Printer, 4″ wide print head
5-1191………..Label Printer, 4″ wide print head with label cutter
                         Only used for applications where a non-adhesive label is required to be cut to a specific size.
                         Not to be used with standard adhesive backed labels on a carrier strip.

Labels and Ribbons

Below are ribbon and label sizes offered. Different sizes can be obtained from other suppliers.

5-3301…………3″x1″ Polyester Label, 2500/roll
5-3399………..Resin Ribbon, 3.3″ wide, 2928″/roll
                        Each roll of labels requires approximately 1 roll of ribbon

5-3401…………4″x1″ Polyester Label, 2500/roll
5-3499………..Resin Ribbon, 4.3″ wide, 2928″/roll
                        Each roll of labels requires approximately 1 roll of ribbon

Thermal Paper (Printed Reports)

The label printer can also create custom error reports with use of this continious paper roll.

5-3503…………4″ Wide Thermal Paper Roll, 574″ (1450 cm)

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