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Barcode Scanners

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Barcode Scanners

Bar Code Laser Scanner
  • Automatic program selection from tester memory
  • Automatic program selection from network drive
  • Validate pre-printed ID labels
  • Read user badge ID’s
  • Triggered or triggerless operation

Barcode Scanners increase productivity by automatically selecting, and then executing, programs located in the tester’s memory or on a network drive. This eliminates the time required for an operator to manually select a program for execution. Barcode scanners are also used to read a pre-printed barcode harness label to verify the correct label is applied to the harness. Barcode scanners are also used to read an operator badge ID to then print the ID on a label or to a report.

The scanner connects to any available NX Tester serial port and is supplied with an interface cable, a power supply, and a stand designed for hands free operation.

5-1083………..Bar Code Scanner – 1D
5-1086………..Bar Code Scanner – 2D