Fixture Interfacing

Hipot Discrete Wire Interface

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Hipot Discrete Wire Interface

Hipot Fixture Interfacing

NX Hipot Testers incorporate a DIN connector interface with 32 loaded positions.

Hipot Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

The Hipot Discrete Wire Cable Assembly consists of 32 individual 22 AWG wires, 6 feet or 16 feet long, ready to be connected to a fixture board.

5-2106………..Hipot Discrete Wire Interface, 6′ (1.8 m)
5-2312………..Hipot Discrete Wire Interface, 12′ (3.6 m)

Hipot Discrete Wire Connector

Hipot Discrete Wire Connectors can be used to build your own interface cables with customer supplied wires. Solder terminals, no tooling required.

5-2093………..Hipot Mating Connector w/ Backshell