Modular Control System

Output Module

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Output Module

Output Module w cover
MCS Output Module
  • Designed for active relay testing
  • Controls end-of-line pneumatic test tables
  • Eight 3 amp switched outputs
  • Screw terminals for quick and easy wiring
  • LED indicator visually confirms operation.

Modular Control System – Output Module

The Output Module was specifically designed for active relay testing, controlling end-of-line pneumatic test tables and other external control applications.

The Output Module provides eight independently operable relays with two sets of DPST contacts. A total of eight Output Modules can be used together for a total of 64 outputs.

5-1302……..Output Module

Relay Testing Power Supply Assembly

The Relay Testing Power Supply is a floating supply, providing a 12VDC (2 Amp) isolated output that is designed specifically for testing relays. It incorporates screw terminals allow for quick and easy wiring

5-1063……..Relay Testing Power Supply