Modular Control System

LED Module

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LED Module

MCS Input Module with Cover
MCS LED Module
  • Illuminates fixture-mounted LED’s
  • Indicates fixtures required at test beginning
  • Indicates fixtures with error conditions
  • Controls up to 32 LED’s
  • 8′ (2.4 m) interface cables included

The LED Module is used to illuminate fixture-mounted LED’s at the beginning of a test to instruct the operator which test fixtures require connectors to be installed. Then during the test, LEDs are illuminated based on each fixture block associated with the displayed error.

One LED per fixture block is wired to the LED Module with the supplied interface cables. Each LED module can control up to 32 LED’s. A total of 32 LED’s Modules can be used together for a total of 1,024 LED’s.

5-1303……..LED Module

LED Test Point Boards

5-8825……..Red LED with 6″ (15 cm) leads