External Control

Control Port Module

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Control Port Module

Control Port with Tester
  • Activates locking fixtures, markers and other devices
  • Input for Alarm detection switch and other devices
  • LED indicator visually confirms operation
  • Two 8 amp switched outputs
  • One actively monitored input

Control Port Module

The Control Port Module expands the capability of the NX Tester with the ability to control external devices. Activation of a locking fixture that prevents a harness from being removed prematurely; energizing a stamper that marks the harness as being tested; triggering an electro pneumatic valve for vacuum/leak testing are a few applications for this device.

The Control Port Module controls two outputs and monitors one input. The Control Port is automatically activated at a specific time in the workflow (i.e., after all tests have passed) or when the Supervisor Security Key is inserted. The input port is most commonly used in automated testing scenarios to enable the tester to respond to an external input.

5-1060………..Control Port Module

Power Supply

DC Power Supply for powering customer supplied devices. 12VDC, 1.5A.

5-1062………..12VDC Power Supply