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Supervisor Key

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Supervisor Key

Supervisor Key
  • Gains access to Setup Menus
  • Required to select programs (Optional)
  • Required to run a programs (Optional)
  • Require supervisor for defective harnesses
  • Releases fixture clamp for incomplete test

The Supervisor Key unlocks access to Setup Menus and can be optionally required to select or run programs. Programs can be configured to require the Supervisor Key to be inserted in the event of a defective harness so a supervisor can be present for the repair or activate a fixture clamp to remove the harness.

The Supervisor Key resembles a USB drive, however it is a proprietary device that can store four data fields to be used for label printing or reporting.

The key is inserted into a port located on the front of the NX Tester.

5-1031………..NX Supervisor Key