NX View – Release Notes

This page contains the latest release notes for the NX View. Please contact Dynalab if there are any questions regarding these new features. Return to the Customer Downloads page.

Release 4.0.95NX View Version: 4.0.95
NX Fixture Block Editor: 1.16.24
  • Allows for manual data entry via a keyboard to store to a variable
  • Images in the Documents window now automatically resize to fit current window size
  • Added support for Hipot-HV Tester reports
  • Add report logo and header border
  • Fix issue with serial port communication
Release 4.0.84NX View Version: 4.0.85
NX Fixture Block Editor: 1.16.24
  • Miscellaneous enhancements and bug fixes.
Release 4.0.76NX View Version: 4.0.76
NX Fixture Block Editor: 1.16.23
  • Programs can be selected from the computer for execution.
  • Fixture Block Editor now supports blocks with between 202 and 370 pins.
  • Fixture Block Editor now allows files created with Turkish and other regions of Microsoft Windows.
Release 4.0.61NX View Version: 4.0.61
NX Fixture Block Editor: 1.16.22

NX View Release 4 represents a substantial re-design of the product, and offers significant improvements over previous versions as indicated by the following list of new features and capabilities:

  • NX View and the NX Editor are now integrated.
  • NX View supports the new NX Security Utility to restrict access to program selection or editing a program with the NX Editor.
  • A Connections List can be displayed which shows all open connections while a test is being executed.
  • Only one connection between the computer and NX Tester is required for NX Editor programming operations and NX View runtime functions.
  • The reporting feature has been completely redesigned to provide additional options and greater flexibility.
  • Fixture Block Reference Name may be displayed by NX View.
  • NX View can display a list of the NX Tester variables, launch the NX Tester’s Probe mode, execute the NX Tester diagnostics and configure the NX Testers serial ports.
  • A bug related to the use of $PC1 was fixed.
Release 3.0.43NX View Version: 3.0.4304/2012
  • Improved communication between the Tester and the Computer.
  • Fix an issue where the 4 Button Window would be blank for non-English Windows installations.
Release 3.0.41NX View Version: 3.0.4104/2011
  • NX View now supports USB connectivity to NX Testers equipped with a USB port.
  • A new auxiliary window is available that displays the NX Tester’s user interface buttons, allowing operation of the buttons from NX View.
  • A new auxiliary window is available that displays Tester Status Messages. Up to six custom defined messages can be accommodated.
  • A new auxiliary window is available that displays the fixture board, if defined. The fixture board display highlights the fixture blocks associated with the currently displayed error.
  • All new auxiliary windows plus the Documents window can be docked in several locations according to user preference.
  • Documents can now be associated with a User Interface workflow item.
  • NX View can be configured to either display or suppress cavity labels.
  • NX View can be used to download a program to the tester.
  • NX View can collect report data received from the tester and store each report in a separate file.
  • NX View will display miswires if both connectors associated with the miswire are displayed. A red X will be drawn over the miswired cavity.
  • NX View has improved support of multiple part numbers.
  • When the probe is used during a test, NX View will display not only the fixture block and cavity that is probed, but also the fixture block and cavity of the other end of the connection.
Release 2.0.31NX View Version: 2.0.3103/2010
  • NX View supports background images of connectors or fixture blocks. These image files are created with the NX Fixture Block Editor.
  • NX View’s Demo Mode will present a pop-up window every 10 minutes reminding the user that they are using a demo version. After one hour of operation, the NX View demo mode application will automatically terminate. It must be manually restarted.
Release 1.0.21NX View Version: 1.0.2107/2009
  • Initial release.