NX System – Release Notes

This page contains the latest release notes for the NX System. Please contact Dynalab if there are any questions regarding these new features. Return to the Customer Downloads page.

Release 21.3NX Editor Version: 1.21.274
NX Tester Version: 2.21.381
  • When using the “Test-LED Guided” Workflow item with “LED Only” mode, the ProbeAssist function is now supported.
  • When using the “Test-LED Guided” Workflow item, allow for a BIN detection switch that will turn off the light and then advance to the next step.
  • No longer include Hipot IR values on connection reports for programs that do not include a Hipot workflow item.
  • Enhanced diagnostics to eliminate erroneous Error 653 messages.
Release 21.2NX Editor Version: 1.21.274
NX Tester Version: 2.21.377
  • Expand maximum character length for Fixture Block and Component names from 12 to 35.
  • Enhanced Relay Coil Component – Diode Across Coil algorithm to increase the ability to distinguish if a diode is or is not present.
  • Enhanced P2D import to address identical connections with different wire colors based on the part number.
  • Enhanced DSI import to define “GREASE” as a fixture block.
  • The LED Guided Detection Switch Mode will now automatically retest if the harness is removed.
  • Fix issue when importing multiple part numbers from a single file.
  • Fix issue with the Red Button disabled function, where the Red Button would abort a Hipot workflow and advance to the next workflow item.
  • Fix issue that required the thermistor reference test points to be located in locations 1 through 4.
  • Fix issue with the Hipot Fixture Test, accessed through the tester menu, that required the resident program to have a 001-01 test point defined in the Fixture Block Table.
  • Fixed issue that was not allowing certain netlist configurations to be Autolearned.
Release 21.1NX Editor Version: 1.21.269
NX Tester Version: 2.21.371
  • Added support for Hipot-HV Tester
  • Added LED Guided over-pull feature
  • Probe mode for LED Guided testers now illuminates the associated LED for the test point touched
  • LED Guided testers now detect the presence of extra wires between unconnected pins
  • Add new $DMC (day of month code) and $MNC (month number code)
  • Add barcode check digit function ($CDH)
  • Importing and exporting of Excel spreadsheets now support Fixture Block Reference Names
  • Added option to abort a Hipot test on any open connection
  • Expanded duration of the AC Dielectric Withstand test from 33 to 120 seconds
  • Expanded the Hipot IR voltage range 500V-999V from “5 Mohms – 500 Mohms” to “5 Mohms to 1000 Mohms”
  • Enhanced testing of connection groups containing relay coil components with resistance values below the continuity threshold.
  • Fixed issue with serial port 3 & 4 not communicating with the Modular Control System and failing diagnostics on testers shipped prior to 2014.
  • Fixed error condition when using Autolearn with a Hipot tester
Release 21NX Editor Version: 1.21.262
NX Tester Version: 2.21.365
  • Enhanced the NX Editor’s probe assist function that allows for the automatic test point assignment by a user probing the fixture block pins.
  • Enhanced the Hipot testing of a shielded cable by adding the ability to identify connections associated with the shield.
  • Added a checkbox to Relay Coil Component to disable the validation of the presence of a diode.
  • Added a display sleep mode to the NX Testers to extend the life of the display. Only applicable for NX Testers shipped after May 2018.
Release 20.1NX Editor Version: 1.20.258
NX Tester Version: 2.20.358
  • Improved performance by reducing the Test Workflow Item test time by 0.6 seconds.
  • Supports latest NX View features, including selecting programs from the computer for execution.
  • Test-Fixture Block Detection workflow item: Detects connectors inserted into a fixture block based on at least one connection being detected in the fixture block.
  • New Relay Coil component that will validate the presence of a diode across the coil.
  • The Report workflow item “Report only Shorts” option checkbox is now available for all report types.
  • Renamed Report workflow option “Report Only Variables” to “Exclude NX Server Connection Data”.
  • Configuration of the tester’s IP address and registered NX Server can now be set with a text file loaded into the tester from the memory card.
  • Issue was resolved regarding data loss when printing on serial ports 3 or 4.
  • Enhanced testing of connection groups containing resistors with resistance values below the continuity threshold.
  • NX Tester support for new NX View feature that allows the default program file location to be located on the computer versus internal NX Tester memory.
  • Resolved issue when the Test workflow item “Illuminate Fixture LEDs – for fixture blocks with unresolved nets” option did not function when “Connection Validation Modes – All connections need to stay connected for x cycles” was selected.
Release 20NX Editor Version: 1.20.255
NX Tester Version: 2.20.248
  • The NX Security Utility is a new feature supported in this release. The NX Editor enforces no user restrictions when initially installed. By default, any user has access to all capabilities. An optional security feature is now available to limit the privileges of users. It is available from Dynalab Test Systems upon request. The optional security feature enforces restrictions based on user levels. With the security feature enabled, all users will have the ability to view a program, transfer a program to the NX Tester, and export program data. Editing capabilities are limited to authorized users. To obtain a copy of the security feature please contact Dynalab Test Systems.
  • An option is available to instruct the NX Tester to determine the continuity path through electrical parts that mate with a harness connector (such as a shorting bar) after the connector has been removed from the fixture and the part has been assembled to the connector. (This feature is described in detail in the application note entitled Testing Electrical Parts that Mate with a Harness Connector, revision date 8/30/2018, Step 2 Option B).
  • Relay test results are included in reports.
  • The “Exit to Another Resident Program” feature in the End workflow cell will now launch another test program based a part number contained within a program name, in addition to the actual program name.
  • $TSX string variable has been added. It can store 4096 characters.
  • The following system variables have been added:
    – $TPC last continuity setting
    – $TPK last kelvin setting
    – $TPS last shorts setting
    – $TPW last DW setting for hipot
    – $TPI last IR setting for hipot
  • Enhancements were made to the LED Guided Assembly feature.
  • In the NX Editor with NX View features enabled, the Fixture Blocks view provides a text box for entering the fixture board image location.
  • Issue was resolved regarding data loss when printing on serial ports 3 or 4.
  • Hipot test results have been added to the Report to NX Server.
Release 19.4NX Editor Version: 1.19.240
NX Tester Version: 2.19.233
  • Added a new program-specific counter variable, $PCX. It is intended to be used in a program to maintain a count of good wire harnesses. The value is persistent – it is not cleared on power up or program change. Up to 40 $PCX variable values can be maintained in a tester.
  • Added new function to abort on a short error for the Guided LED Solution.
  • Added two-line extended display support for the Guided LED Solution.
  • Added the capability to properly display a program name containing a period “.”.
Release 19.3NX Editor Version: 1.19.239
NX Tester Version: 2.19.231
  • Added new timer variable ($TMR) to be able to display the elapsed time of a test.
  • NX Tester firmware supports new LED Guided “Probe Assist” testing mode.
  • Fixed an issue in the NX Tester firmware when a Test workflow item using the “Connections need to stay connected for multiple cycles” mode was used, sometimes the NX View would not display the error information.
  • Fixed an issue in the NX Editor when a part number was deleted from the part number view, the adjacent part number in the connections view would automatically select all connections to be tested.
  • Enhanced the NX Tester firmware to detect all possible error conditions related to testing diodes and resistors.
Release 19.2NX Editor Version: 1.19.237
NX Tester Version: 2.19.224
  • Added mis-wire detection and other features to the LED Guided Solution.
  • The Diagnostics Information menu now indicates if the CPU board has either 1.0 ohm or the 0.1 ohm resistance precision. The 0.1 ohm resistance precision was added to CPU Boards shipped after November 2014.
  • Enhanced test scan to eliminate infrequent and intermittent Fault (-1) errors that would occur in certain conditions.
Release 19.1NX Editor Version: 1.19.237
NX Tester Version: 2.19.218
  • Added a History Log that lists the date/time and username of the last 30 times the file was saved. This new feature is located in the Program Properties menu.
  • New LED Guided No-Continuity command.
  • Added Hipot early removal condition to report output.
  • Resolved an issue in Release 19 (NX Editor where .nxf program files slightly increase in size on every save of the file.
Release 19NX Editor Version: 1.19.234
NX Tester Version: 2.19.214
  • Added support for new LED Guided solution (Pull system).
  • Improved Ethernet communication between the NX Tester and NX Server.
  • Increased continuity and short scan performance.
  • New NX Tester CPU Board enhancements and changes:
    • Fixture Block test point assignments can now be cleared.
    • Increase program storage memory from 1.3Mbytes to 3.3Mbytes.
    • Resistance accuracy from 0.1-10 ohms is now ±0.1 ohm.
    • Firmware updates now use ”x_x_x.nxbin2” files for New CPU Boards and ”x_x_x.nxbin” files for previous CPU Boards.
Release 18NX Editor Version: 1.18.231
NX Tester Version: 2.18.205
  • Compare Connections is a new feature selectable from the Tools menu. This feature will compare the connections of the currently open program to those of a previous version.
  • Export Connections Data is a new feature selectable from the Tools menu. This feature will export only connections data to an Excel spreadsheet. For multiple part numbers, the export feature creates a tab in the spreadsheet for each part number.
  • Connection data can now be imported from another NX Editor program.
  • Reporting to the NX Server has been enhanced, allowing for the selection of “Report only Errors” as an option.
  • Multiple fixture blocks can be deleted at one time.
  • The relay testing feature has been enhanced to include testing for a diode across the relay coil, or for testing for no diode across the coil. In the Test Relay workflow item, checkbox is available to select this option.
  • Export Data feature has been enhanced for multiple part numbers, allowing the user to select column format or bitmask format. If column format is selected, the connections data in the spreadsheet will be formatted in the same way it appears in the Connections View of the NX Editor.
  • Substring capabilities have been expanded to allow extraction of a substring from a characterdelimited string by specifying the delimiter character and the field number.
  • The wire name and color now always reflects the currently selected part number when probing during a test.
  • Conversion from decimal to Base 34 is now supported by the Select a Variable dialog window.
  • Two-column printing of the fixture blocks view has been restored.
  • Added importation of Fixture Block LEDs for Generic and NX Spreadsheets.
  • Added importation of variables $IF7, $IF8, and $IF9 for Generic and NX Spreadsheets.
  • NX Tester RUN ACESS restriction no longer restricts executing a program when selected with a bar code scanner.
  • Fixed issue introduced in Firmware 2.17.195 that would not select a program on the NX Server if the combined pathname exceeded 36 characters.
  • Updated the firmware to address an issue in multiple part number programs where in some unique cases, extra connections may not be detected.
  • In the Import Wizard, the “Adjust pin/switch quantities” version dialog window displays only new fixture blocks.
  • In the Import Wizard, the “Auto-Fill Fixture Pins” feature applies to numerically named pins only. This feature does not apply to alpha-numerically named pins.
  • Enhanced NX View communication protocol to increase reliability.
Release 17NX Editor Version: 1.17.228
NX Tester Version: 2.17.195
  • The capability of illuminating fixture-mounted LEDs has been enhanced to provide the option of illuminating the LEDs associated with the currently displayed connection, or to illuminate LEDs associated with unresolved connections.
  • $R34 function is available to convert a positive counter variable to a Radix 34 number. $R34 will accept a counter variable whose value is a positive base-10 integer and will return the equivalent Radix 34 value. (Note: Radix 34 is equivalent to base 34).
  • Improved RS-232 hardware handshaking has eliminated some problems previously encountered when printing labels containing graphics using TLP-series printers. The symptom was missing or corrupted text or objects.
  • When using the barcode scanner to select a program for download from the NX Server, if the filename contains a space or special character, the download would fail. This problem has been fixed.
  • When reporting to NX View, a large report would lock up the tester. This problem has been fixed.
  • The NX Editor now provides a confirmation dialog window when selecting or de-selecting individual connections in a multi-part number program.
  • An error has been resolved when using the NX Editor’s Import Wizard option “Match Reference Names”.
  • The Set LED workflow item’s option to turn on all LEDs for all phases was inoperable. It now works properly.
Release 16.2NX Editor Version: 1.16.226
NX Tester Version: 2.16.188
  • The Read workflow item now provides an option to echo the input to the tester’s display.
  • The file import wizard no longer clears test point assignments for existing fixture blocks.
  • The Report workflow item now correctly reports hipot IR test results.
  • Improvements have been made to network timeout characteristics.
Release 16.1NX Editor Version: 1.16.223
NX Tester Version: 2.16.183
  • Transfer program from tester: The NX Editor has a new feature enabling it to transfer the current program on an NX Tester from the tester to the NX Editor application.
  • New $IF part number variables: The part numbers view provides three new information field variables: $IF7, $IF8 and $IF9.
  • Disable RUN function: The NX Tester can be configured in the RESTRICTIONS menu to require a Supervisor Key to be inserted before the RUN function can be executed from the main menu.
  • Web Service Call: A new Workflow item is available: Web Service Call. This enables the NX Tester to fetch data from a website using ASP.NET web services.
  • Enhanced Import Wizard: When importing fixture data, the import wizard provides additional options for name matching and automatic data filling when gaps occur in fixture pin names.
  • Spaces in Reference Name: Spaces can now be entered in the Reference Name field of the Fixture Block Properties Panel.
  • Timestamp for report to memory card: A bug has been fixed that affected the timestamp when writing a report to the memory card.
Release 16NX Editor Version: 1.16.216
NX Tester Version: 2.16.179
  •  AC/DC Hipot: Dynalab now offers a new tester: NX AC/DC Hipot Tester, capable of hipot testing with either AC or DC voltages.
  • Arc sensitivity: Both AC and DC hipot tests offer adjustable arc sensitivity settings.
  • Disable auto retest on early removal: The NX Editor provides a checkbox, disabling automatic restesting upon early removal of the wire harness.
  • Test speed improvements: Improvements have been made in speed for test programs that contain many workflow cells.
  • LED diagnostic: The tester’s diagnostics menu provides a method to test fixture mounted LED’s.
  • Fixture block reference name: The NX Editor provides an additional field in the Fixture Blocks view, Reference Name. This allows for the optional definition of an alternate or alias name for the fixture block.
  • 4-Line Extended Display: The NX Tester provides support for a new 4-line Extended Display.
  • Tester version check: The NX Editor has a new capability which analyzes the features used in the test program and specifies what version of NX Tester firmware is required to support the features.
  • Fixture block import: New features have been added to the import wizard that provide additional flexibility and options for importing fixture blocks.
Release 15NX Editor Version: 1.15.207
NX Tester Version: 2.15.167
  • USB Port: Most NX Testers shipped in 2011 will be equipped with a USB port. The USB port can be used for program file transfer, firmware updating, and NX View interface.
  • Retest on Short: The Test workflow items now have a checkbox to enable the Retest On Shorts feature. If this box is checked, once all tests have passed, a retest will be initiated if one or more SHORT errors had occurred during the test. This is a precautionary measure to prevent a defective wire harness from being passed by the tester.
  • NX View Release 3 feature support: The NX Editor and NX Tester firmware provide support for the new features in NX View Release 3:
  • Up to 6 tester status messages can be configured for display on NX View.
    – A fixture board file can be configured in the NX Editor, enabling the fixture board to be displayed on NX View, highlighting the fixture blocks associated with the displayed error.
    – The User Interface workflow item can be associated with a document that will be displayed by NX View when the User Interface cell is executed.
    – The Report workflow item can be configured to send the report to NX View. The report is then saved by NX View on the PC.
    – The Write workflow item can be configured to send an expression to NX View. This expression is then saved by NX View on the PC.
  • Single Part Number View: In a multiple part number program, it is possible to select a single part number to be viewed in the Connections view.
  • Add Used Switches: The NX Editor provides a button to add all Used Switches. A Used Switch is a detection switch that is associated with a fixture block that has connections defined.
  • Import Program Variables optional: When importing from another NX program, the import wizard provides a checkbox allowing the user to decide if program variables should be imported.
  • Import to Part Number: There may be a need to import connections data from an external spreadsheet or NXI file into an existing program that contains multiple part numbers. The intent of the imported connections data is to create a new part number in the existing program, where the connections data defined in the spreadsheet or NXI file correspond to the new part number. The File Import Wizard supports this capability.
  • Scan Unassigned Points: A checkbox has been added to the Test workflow items to scan unassigned points. When checked, the tester will check all test points for shorts. When not checked, the tester will test all points defined in the fixture connections table for shorts.
  • Last Error Variables: System variables have been added to contain last displayed error information. These variables capture the error type, error description, connection points associated with the error, wire name and wire color, component name, phase name, and 4th line information.
  • Report to Memory Card: The Report workflow item can be configured to save the report to the memory card in a directory named “Reports”.
  • Text color for components and switches: In the NX Editor’s Connections view, entries for components and detections switches are displayed in different text colors than other connections.
Release 14NX Editor Version: 1.14.190
NX Tester Version: 2.14.153

Release 14 and higher requires the NX Tester firmware to be upgraded through the memory card versus the serial port. Contact Dynalab Support.

  • Support for NX View image files: The NX Editor supports Image Fixtures in the NX View Information section of the Fixture Blocks View.
  • System Upgrade from memory card: The NX Tester’s firmware can now be upgraded via the NX Memory Card.
  • The NX Editor’s Audit results can be copied to the clipboard.
  • The Immediate Miswire Display option box is automatically checked in the Test Display workflow item.
  • The maximum length of Option Code Expressions has been increased to 256 characters.
  • Errors from the Dielectric Withstand portion of the hipot test are now properly labeled in the report.
  • When downloading programs from the NX Editor to the NX Tester via the serial cable, an option is now available to cause the program to automatically be executed immediately after the download.
Release 13NX Editor Version: 1.13.180
NX Tester Version: 2.13.150
  • Generic Spreadsheet Import: The NX Editor supports importing connection and fixture data from an external spreadsheet that conforms to a specified format.
  • Probe Assisted Test Point Assignment: This is a new method for assigning test points in the NX Editor. The user touches the point to be assigned with the NX Tester’s probe, and the NX Editor automatically populates the corresponding data in the Fixture Blocks table. The NX Editor communicates with the NX Tester using the serial transfer cable.
  • Probe Assisted Assembly: The probe function during a Test-Display workflow item has been enhanced to also include the connector-pin information of the other end of the connection. The tester resumes testing when the connection is made or if either the red or green button is pushed
  • Continuous Testing: The Test-No Display workflow item has been enhanced to support continuous testing. This enables operators to flex a wire harness or cable assembly for a specific duration to test for intermittent open or short conditions. If an error is found during the specified duration, execution jumps to another cell in the workflow for error handling. The continous testing mode is terminated by specifying a specific time interval, by specifying a specific number of test cycles, or by having the operator press the green button.
  • Immediate Miswire Display: The Test-Display workflow item has been enhanced to allow for the selection of a new capability: Immediate Miswire Display. When selected, the NX Tester will immediately display a miswire condition.
  • Enhanced Early Exit Critiera: The Test-Display workflow item has been enhanced to allow for either a short condition or early removal to trigger a jump to another workflow cell. Previously, these were mutually exclusive conditions for triggering early exit from the TestDisplay workflow item.
  • Enhanced Report Capabilities: The Report workflow item has been enhanced to provide additional flexibility for generating reports where there are multiple Test workflow items and/or multiple phases.
  • Hipot Fixture Diagnostics: This has been added to the NX Hipot Tester’s diagnostics menu. When selected, it causes the tester to execute a hipot test using the settings of the currently selected program. This is intended to be used on an empty fixture as a way of validating the fixture’s suitability for hipot testing.
  • Enhanced Hipot IR Testing: The Hipot Insulation Resistance testing range has been extended to 1500 MOhms.
  • Repeating sounds in the Test-Display workflow item are now functional.
  • If a short error is encountered during testing, once all errors have been resolved, a re-test is automatically executed. This ensures that the short error was not resolved by removing the shorted connection from the fixture. Previous firmware versions would re-test only if short errors were present after all connections were satisfied.
  • An open detection switch is now indicated by displaying “SWITCH OPEN” on the first line and the detection switch name on the second line.
  • In the PROBE mode, an up-arrow is displayed in the upper right corner preciding the C (^C), if more than one point is connected to the probed point. This is intended to prompt the user to use the up-arrow button to scroll through all the points connected to the probed point.
  • Kelvin testing speed has been improved.
  • After a hipot test, the Report workflow item will now show hipot IR values.
  • The Dielectric Withstand test has a new error: DW-CURRENT. This indicates that the error condition may be caused by insufficient current or voltage settings.
  • Improved startup diagnostics for NX Hipot Testers.
  • The power up sequence for the NX Pro+ Tester has been improved. If the tester is powered up before the expansion units, the test program will no longer display an error message.
Release 12NX Editor Version: 1.12.169
NX Tester Version: 2.12.142
  • Kelvin 4-wire: Release 12 supports Kelvin 4-wire testing for low value resistances. This enables the NX Tester to measure resistances below 1 ohm.
  • NX View: Release 12 supports NX View, an optional PC-resident software program that displays NX Tester error information on the PC’s monitor as well as graphical representation of connectors and pins associated with the error.
  • Improvements have been made to the NX Tester’s file system, allowing for improved performance of memory cards. In previous versions, the NX Tester could at times get into a state where it could not read a memory card without cycling power. This has been resolved.
  • Relay testing speed has been improved: over a 50% reduction in test time.
Release 10NX Editor Version: 1.02.154
NX Tester Version: 2.10.126
  • Thermistor testing: Release 10 supports a new Component: Thermistor. Thermistor testing is accomplished by comparing a thermistor in a wire harness to a reference thermistor.
  • NX Editor Password Security: A simple password security scheme has been implemented to protect programs from unauthorized changes. The Editor now has two states, “Locked” and “Unlocked”. Unlocked has full functionality, locked limits the user to operations that do not alter the current program. There is a new “Security” tab on the Editor Options dialog that allows a user to set a password. Once set the password is required to unlock the Editor. The lock state is persistent so if the Editor is restarted the lock state is preserved. The password is stored on a per-machine basis (all users have the same password).
  • Hexadecimal Representation of Counter Variable: Any counter variable can be converted to its hexadecimal equivalent for the purposes of displaying or printing the variable’s value.
  • In the NX Editor, the “Add Connections” window now remains open until closed by the user.
  • In previous releases, the NX Editor would respond very slowly to changes made in the Connections View of very large programs. This response time has been optimized.
  • In previous releases, it was possible to blank out a component name in the NX Editor, possibly causing problems when re-opening the file. This has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to successfully copy a part number to the clipboard in the NX Editor.
  • During a test, the Probe capability now is able to identify multiple points that are connected together.
  • The NX Tester’s date feature now properly transitions from Feb 28 to Feb 29 in leap years.
Release 9.1NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.9.124
  • NX Hipot Testers: Release 9 is designed to support the standard low voltage NX Testers as well as the newly-introduced NX Hipot Testers. To program and operate NX Hipot Testers, please refer to the documentation available from the NX Editor’s Help menu.
  • Set Timer: A new workflow item is available, named Set Timer. This supports the setting of a timer. When the timer expires, execution jumps to a specified workflow cell.
  • In the Connections View, if the Point Base View is selected, it is now possible to delete only one side of a connection.
  • In the ABR version of the NX Editor, it is now possible to perform a column sort of Feature Codes either by ID or by Feature Code.
  • A checkbox is now available to disable the visibility of Audit warnings.
  • If a single part number is defined, the Connections View now displays a list of checkboxes for each connection.
  • A search feature has been added to the Phase Properties pane of the Connections View to search for a specific phase.
  • A new button in the Phase Properties pane of the Connections View is available, allowing the list of phase names to be copied to the Clipboard.
  • Improvements have been made to the sorting algorithm, resulting in more logical alphanumeric sort wherever sorting is used in the NX Editor.
  • Release 9.1 fixes an issue in NX firmware version 2.9.123 that caused the tester to lock up under certain conditions.
Release 8NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.8.114
  • New Part Numbers View: Previously, Part Numbers were defined in the NX Editor’s Program Properties. In Release 8, a new view has been provided for defining Part Numbers. The NX Editor now has five views: Fixture Blocks, Components, Connections, Part Numbers, and Workflow.
  • New Option Codes Feature: The NX Editor now provides an alternate method for defining multiple part numbers based on option codes. This supports a connection definition model that is frequently used by some Asian wire harness manufacturers.
  • Enhanced Read Workflow Item: The Read Workflow item now has a checkbox for ignoring non-printable characters. If this box is checked, When a string of ASCII data is read, only the printable characters are stored in the designated variable.
  • Enhanced End Workflow Item: Previously, the End Workflow item would simple return control to the NX Tester’s main menu. Now, the End Workflow item provides the option to launch another resident program.
  • Enhanced Automatic Program Selection: The Automatic Program Selection feature of the NX Tester has been enhanced to include a substring function. This enables the NX Tester to match on a substring of the scanned data instead of matching the entire scanned string.
  • The NX Firmware now has the capability to support super-netting schemes, resulting in greater reliability in a networked environment.
  • Several bug fixes are included that improve the optional ABR functionality.
  • Probe mode during test now displays the wire color as well as the wire name.
Release 7.1NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.1.107
  • New File Mode Restriction: A new restriction option has been added to the NX Tester’s FILE MODE menu: “ONE-DELETE ON END”. It is similar to the ONE FILE mode, with the additional feature of automatically deleting the program file after execution, providing that the program reaches a END workflow item. This is useful in conjunction with using the NX Server as source of all program files, ensuring that program files are only available from the NX Server.
  • More Flexible Write Workflow Item: The Write Workflow Item now has a checkbox, enabling the user to disable appending CR/LF to the Write output.
  • Limited Short Scan Option: The Test Workflow Item now has a checkbox, enabling the user to select a Limited Short Scan mode when testing a single phase. This provides some additional flexibility in testing harnesses that contain switches or shorting caps.
  • New NX Editor Clipboard Functionality: The NX Editor’s Connections and Components views now support copy/paste functions.
  • NXI Import File Enhancement: The NXI Import File now supports multiple phases.
  • Fixture Block Properties Enhancement: The NX Editor’s Fixture Blocks Properties pane now has a toolbar allowing fixture pins to be added, deleted, or moved within the list.
  • The “Report Only Variables” option of the Report to Server Workflow item was not operational.
  • The “On Error Jump To” option of the Test-No Display Workflow item was not operational for short errors.
  • The Remove Workflow item was only examining the first phase listed in the Connections view when ‘All’ phases was selected.
  • Several improvements to the NX Editor.
Release 7NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.1.103
  • Enhanced Network Capabilities: NX Testers now support full networking capabilities, including sending detailed wire harness data to Dynalab’s NX Server Enterprise Edition for archiving and reporting.
  • Enhanced Autolearn: NX Testers now support the use of a template file with the Autolearn function. This feature provides additional flexibility when automatically ‘learning’ a wire harness. The Autolearn template file allows for customization of the workflow, definition of variables, wire colors, or other program properties, custom naming of fixture blocks/pins, and specification of additional connection phases.
  • Calibration Verification: NX Testers have always performed automatic internal calibration tests upon startup to ensure accurate measurements. Now, the Calibration Verification Tool is available from Dynalab to verify that the NX Tester is performing in accordance with its published accuracy specifications.
  • Enhanced Control Port Module: New NX Testers support an enhanced Control Port Module that consists of two independently controllable outputs. This is useful for wire harness testing applications that require independent control of two electrically-operated devices such as a fixture clamp release solenoid, a marking device, etc. (This capability is only available with new NX Testers whose Control Port is specially labeled indicating support of the dual output Control Port Module.)
  • Flexible Testing Modes: To support reliable testing in applications with high levels of wire capacitance or high levels of electrical noise, the TEST Display Workflow Item provides a choice of Threshold or Actual testing modes. Threshold testing is the default mode. It provides the fastest performance and is suitable for most testing situations. Actual mode testing is available for situations where actual resistance measurements are to be reported; however, this mode may not be suitable in testing environments with high wire capacitance or high levels of electrical noise.
  • Enhanced Probe Capability: The probe is now active during testing. While a test is executing, if any point on the fixture is probed, the NX Tester will display information about the probed point.
  • Enhanced NXI File Importation: The NXI File import capability has been enhanced to support multiple part numbers.
  • Network-Enabled Automatic Program Selection: If a NX Tester is network-enabled and is registered with a NX Server, use of a scanner for automatic program selection will include the network drive when searching for programs.
  • Improved Power-Up Diagnostics: If a test point is shorted to ground, the power-up diagnostics now provides identification of the shorted test point.
  • In previous versions, the NX Tester would not properly Autolearn a wire harness containing diodes with spliced cathodes. This problem has been fixed in this release.
  • In previous versions, the NX Tester would not always recognize the presence of a Supervisor Key or Operator Key when executing a User Interface cell that was configured to wait for the key to be present before continuing. If the key was already present, the operator had to remove the key, and then re-insert the key. Now, the NX Tester correctly senses the presence of the required key.
  • In previous versions, the $SEC variable (represents seconds) did not have a leading ‘0’ when the value was less than 10. It now is padded with a leading 0 for the values 1-9.
  • In previous versions, the NX Tester would not see a short between test points that are 8 points apart above test point 1-64.
  • Several improvements to the NX Editor.
Release 6.1NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.0.89
  • Saving System Log to Memory Card: The Diagnostics Menu of the NX Tester now has an entry labeled SYSLOG – this will copy the contents of the system log to the memory card. This feature may be useful in helping Dynalab support personnel analyze problems reported by customers.
  • The NX Tester Firmware version inlcuded in the previous release (Release 6, Firmware Version 2.0.82), has a bug that results in re-testing of the wire harness whenever a short error is encountered. This can lead to unnecessary additional testing time for large wire harnesses, especially on fixtures that have intermittent connections. Release 6.1 (Firmware version 2.0.89) fixes this problem.
Release 6NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.0.82
  • Test programs created with NX Editor Version or later can only be executed on NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 1.4.50 (issued in Release 2) or later.
  • Programs created in the NX Editor prior to Version must be loaded and resaved in a later version of the NX Editor before the program will run on Firmware Version 2.0.77 or later.
  • Illumination of Fixture Mounted LEDs for Guided Assembly: For test fixtures that are equipped with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) on each fixture block, the NX Tester can illuminate the LEDs associated with an open circuit. This enables the operator to immediately identify the location of the circuit to be completed, facilitating guided assembly.
  • Improved Printer Support: Dynalab’s NX Testers can now support virtually any serial label printer. Note: Label Printers sold by Dynalab are certified to be compatible with NX Testers – other label printers may be compatible, but this is not guaranteed.
  • Rotary Line Printing Solution: Dynalab’s NX Testers and the NX Server software now support multiple testers on a rotary line communicating over a wireless network with a single print server. This enables the printing of a label as each wire harness is completed on the rotary line.
  • In previous versions, the NX Tester could occasionally freeze up, requiring a recycling of power. The cause for this problem has been identified and fixed.
  • In previous versions, there was a problem with the date transition from one month to another, resulting in the NX Tester displaying or printing an incorrect date. The cause for this problem has been identified and fixed.
  • In the NX Editor, the Test Relay workflow item was not accepting valid connection points for Relay Point Assignments. This has been fixed.
Release 5NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.0.77
  • Networking: NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 2.0.77 are now fully networkable. To take advantage of the networking capabilities, the NX Tester must be equipped with the Communications Board option. The NX Server Standard Edition software is also required to implement networking.
  • Security Key Programming: The NX Key Programmer, Dynalab Part # 5-1068 is now available to program Operator and Supervisor Keys. To support this function, the NX Key Utility software program is included as part of NX System Release 5.
  • Print Program Properties: The NX Editor now supports printing of the Program Properties.
  • Remove Worklfow Item 4th Line Expression: The Remove Workflow item now supports an expression for the 4th line display.
  • NXI Import File support diode forward voltage: The NXI Import File specification has changed to accommodate the forward voltage value for a diode.
  • CAP-H Import File: A new import file specification, CAP-H, is now supported for importing wire harness data into a NX Editor program via the File Import Wizard.
  • Enhanced Audit Errors: The NX Editor’s audit feature now generates an error message if a splice has only one wire connected or if a component only has wires connected to one side.
  • Connections View Insert Order: In the Connections View, when inserting a new connection, the new connection is inserted after the currently selected connection rather than before as in previous versions.
  • Report Shorts Only: The Report Workflow item now has a checkbox to allow only shorts to be reported. This option is only available when directing a report to the Tester’s display.
  • Autolearn Default Threshold Values: The threshold values for continuity and shorts has been changed to 1000 ohms for the Autolearn mode.
  • Get Measured Value Function: A new function is available for expressions: $GMV. This function returns the measured value of a component. This enables the capability to print or report the measured value of a specific component.
  • Enhanced Probe Mode: The Probe mode now can display the wire name and wire color associated with the probed point.
Release 4NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 2.0.67
  • Reporting: NX Testers can provide a report of a completed wire harness test. The report can be directed to Dynalab’s Report Printer or to a serial port. The report provides detailed data for each circuit tested in the wire harness.
  • Autolearn: NX Testers are capable of learning from a known-good wire harness. Although Dynalab recommends use of the NX Editor to develop a test program, we recognize that many of our customers prefer to use a tester that “learns” a wire harness configuration. Dynalab offers the best of both approaches – the NX Tester can learn a configuration and the resulting program can be edited and enhanced using the NX Editor.
  • Enhanced Component Testing: The NX System now allows the user to specify the forward voltage for testing a diode – this allows for greater flexibility in testing a wide range of diodes that may be part of a wire harness. Additionally, the NX System allows the user to specify parameters describing a “Generic” two-port component. This provides significant flexibility in testing a wide variety of wire harness components.
  • Data Import Wizard: The NX System now provides a Wizard for data importation. Data can be imported from an external file or another Dynalab test program, including PASS programs for XL Series Testers.
  • Copy/Paste of Workflow Cells: Individual workflow cells can be copied and pasted both within a single instance of the NX Editor and between multiple instances.
  • Duplication of Phases: A new button has been added to the Phase pane of the connections view for the purpose of created a new phase the same entries.
  • Fourth Line Display: In the Test-Display Workflow Item, the 4th line option to display the part number ($PRT) has been replaced with an option to display the value of a user-defined expression.
  • Default Thresholds: In the Test-Display Workflow Item, the default threshold value for continuity and shorts testing have been changed to 1000 ohms.
  • New Time Variables: Two new variables have been added: Timer Tick Count ($T32) and Week of Year ($WOY). Timer Tick Count represents the number of elapsed seconds since Jan 1, 1998. It is useful for calculating time intervals. Week of Year represents the week of the year as defined by the ISO 8601 standard.
  • Monitor Green Button: A new workflow item has been added – Monitor Green Button. This workflow item enables continuous monitoring of the Green button, and specifies where the cell to which the workflow jumps when the Green button is pressed.
  • One File Mode: The NX Tester supports a One File Mode – in this mode only a single program file is stored in memory. This mode is selectable in the RESTRICTIONS menu.
  • NX Editor Splash Screen: The NX Editor splash screen no longer appears automatically upon startup.
  • Expressions: Any ASCII character value can be placed in a string literal by using the syntax $0nn where nn is the two-digit hexadecimal ASCII value of the character.
  • Firmware screen: The INFO function has been added to the CONFIGURATION menu. This function displays all the firmware versions on the NX Tester.
  • Enhanced error information: The NX Tester provides meaningful ERROR codes and messages that are documented in the NX Tester User’s Guide.
Release 3NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 1.4.58
  • Automatic program selection using a bar code scanner – The NX Tester now supports automatic program selection using a bar code scanner. With the scanner connected to serial port 2, and the NX Tester at the main menu, the user can scan a bar code that represents a program name or a part number, and the NX Tester will automatically select and run the test program by matching the scanned data with a program name or with a part number imbedded in a test program. More details are provided in the NX Tester User’s Guide.
  • Support for serial ports 3 and 4 – The optional communications board provides two additional serial ports. The NX Tester’s firmware has been updated to support communications via these optional serial ports.
  • Serial ports hardware handshaking – Hardware handshaking is now the default setting for all serial ports. It can be modified if required. The serial port configuration has been modified to display the handshaking settings: ‘HW’ for hardware or ‘NONE’ for no handshaking.
  • Extended Display – the NX Tester’s firmware has been updated to support the Extended Display. Since the Extended Display provides 2 lines x 20 characters, and the NX Tester’s default display is 4 lines x 20 characters, the messages on the Extended Display are abbreviated.
  • Extended resistor testing range – previously, the maximum resistor value that could be tested was 100K ohms. Now, the NX tester can test resistors up to 2Meg ohms in value. Testing accuracy is +/-1%.
  • Capacitor testing – the NX Tester now supports testing of capacitors. Capacitor testing range is 100pf (picoFarad) to 500uF (microFarad).
  • When transferring all files from the memory card to the tester, the transfer process hangs.
  • Cannot transfer a file from the tester to the memory card that contains a space in the file name.
  • Importation of multiple diodes from a PASS program’s secondary netlist failed.
  • File download caused problems in Chinese Windows 2000.
  • NX Editor allows commas imbedded in wire colors.
  • Test programs created with NX Editor Version can be executed on NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 1.4.50 or later.
  • NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 1.4.58 can execute test programs created with NX Editor Version as well as programs created with earlier versions of the NX Editor.
Release 2NX Editor Version:
NX Tester Version: 1.4.50
  •  User Interface Workflow Cell Originally, properties were associated with Flow Arrows in the workflow. The Flow Arrow properties allowed for the specification of sounds, text, time delays, user interactions, and control interactions that were to be executed as the workflow exited the workflow cell to which the flow arrow is associated.
  • In Release 2, the Flow Arrow properties have been removed. The properties that had previously been associated with the Flow Arrows are now available in the new User Interface (UI) workflow item. This provides for additional flexibility, allowing transitional behavior to be specified at any point in the workflow, instead of being tied to the exit of a workflow item. A detailed description of the User Interface workflow item is provided in the NX Editor User’s Guide dated August, 2004.
  • Test programs created with NX Editor Version can only be executed on NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 1.4.50.
  • NX Testers equipped with Firmware Version 1.4.50 can execute test programs created with NX Editor Version as well as programs created with earlier versions of the NX Editor.