HV System

The HV System utilizes a NX Pro Tester as an integral component of the overall system. The NX Pro Tester requires specific hardware and firmware to operate with the HV Expansion Unit.

NX Pro Software Requirements
When used in a HV System, the NX Pro Tester requires different firmware than when used as a stand-alone unit. The firmware is differentiated by the first major number. “2” is for stand-alone operation and “12” for HV Systems.

Firmware SyntaxApplication
2.xx.xxxStand-alone operation
12.xx.xxxHV System only

The last three digits identifies the release number (x.xx.xxx) and associated new features. The HV firmware (12.xx.xxx) will have all the same new features as the stand-alone firmware (2.xx.xxx).

NX Pro Hardware Requirements
The NX Pro Tester shipped after May 2023 are required to support the HV system. Below are the required serial numbers for the individual items.

ItemsPart NumberSerial Number
NX Pro Tester2-xxx-x141453 or later
Backplane Board5-8502514403 or later
Transmit Board5-8509706946 or later